Shoulders Workout for Mass

Shoulders Workout for Mass

You want to grow and build boulder Shoulders? You are at the right place. Here is a simple and effective way with 5 exercises which will explode your shoulders. Here is the Shoulders Workout for Mass.

Shoulders Workout for Mass – Exercise 1 – Lateral Raise

If you’re going to make boulder shoulders, one of the easiest ways to target it is doing a lateral raise.

The only issue with the lateral raise is that when you’re down in the closed position, nothing happens to the deltoids. So what you’d like to do is to concentrate on the upper contraction, which is when your arms are completed open, on the height of your ears. Bounce up and down 4-5 inches and repeat that out 100 times. Consider as warm up of the Shoulders Workout for Mass routine.


Shoulders Workout for Mass – Exercise 2 – Front Raise

Next, we work on the anterior deltoid and the trapezius muscle.

Grab a plate of 10 kilos (if that’s too much, replace with the half – or even less, till you feel comfortable).

Start position -Above your head. Very slowly bring it down in front of your chest and lift it back up. Try to get about 20 reps.

Shoulders Workout for Mass – Exercise 3 – W Raise

Next exercise in the Shoulders Workout for Mass routine, is a hard one, designed specifically to target the posterior deltoid.

You grab two reasonably light dumbbells – bent yourself over and form a W position with both hands. 3 Sets of 20 Reps.

Shoulders Workout for Mass – Exercise 4 – Bent Over Side Lateral Raise

If you want guaranteed burning shoulders, this is the exercise for your – a very important Shoulders Workout for Mass. (Here you’ll be need a pulley – so you maybe do this exercise in the gym or in a well equipped home gym). In case you don’t have a pulley yet, and you’re willing to buy one in the near future, HERE is my favourite one!

Ok let’s go!

Turn over – elbow onto the knee – extend one arm laterally over for 4 seconds.

3 Sets of 20 reps and follow good shoulder stretch.

Shoulders Workout for Mass – Exercise 5 – Arnie Press

This next exercise has taken its name from Arnold Schwarzegger, and it’s of course the arm press.

Start off with the dumbbells just under your chin and push up over your head.

Get 3 Sets of 15-20 reps.

Make sure after this Shoulders Workout for Mass, you take 1-2 days off of your shoulders, to give them enough time to recover and grow!

Repeat this exercises for 1 or 2 times a week, and the only sure is that your shoulders will be bigger and stronger very soon!

But don’t forget about nutrition! Is the most important factor. 80% Nutrition – 20% Workout builds Mass and Strength. For that, you can check this amazing book on Amazon: Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body

I personally take daily advise from this, too.

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