Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men
lower body strength workout for women and men

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

If you’re looking for a total Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men routine, that will build up your lower body’s muscles, then you have to read this article. We will show you the 12 Best Exercises you need to incorporate into your schedule for more strength and growth. The main goal of this routine is to make your lower body look more aesthetic and will also decrease the risk of any injuries in the future. So, let’s begin.

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

With this exercise we’re gonna be looking at how to train the hamstrings with perfect technique. Just in general, because the hamstrings are a bi articular muscle, meaning they cross both the hip joint and the knee joint, I think it’s good at programming advice to include some kind of knee flexion based movement, like a leg curl and some kind of hip hinge based movement, like a Romanian deadlift in your routine.

Before we get into the Romanian Deadlifts technique itself, I do want to clear up some interesting facts.

So there’s an ongoing debate in lifting circles about the difference between a Romanian deadlift or an RDL and a stiff leg deadlift. I think the main difference is that the Romanian deadlift starts out of the rack while a stiff leg deadlift starts from the floor as a sort of high hip deadlift that RDL ends the range of motion just below the knees whereas the stiff leg deadlift allows the bar to come more forward so that the pleats actually touch the ground.

Now for the purpose of developing the glutes in the hamstrings, I personally prefer the RDL. However the stiff leg deadlift may have a bit more strength carry over to the conventional deadlift off the floor. So with that RDL, we’re basically training pure hip extension where the glutes and hamstrings contract to straighten out the hips. There will also be a strong isometric lumbar extension contraction, occurring as the spinal erectors contract to keep the lower back in neutral. On how to set up the RDL and execution, take a look at the video below.

Exercise 2 – Bulgarian Split Squat

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

Bulgarian split squat is a rear foot elevated split squat. Meaning that we need to find a box or a bench to put your foot on top. Now, the first thing a lot of people have questions on, is how high should the box be. The big thing I see is a lot of people go too high. They have their foot really high on a box and what that’s going to do, is when they get down into that bottom position, it’s going to place a crazy stretch on the front side of that back leg. That’s not our goal. With this, our goal is to strengthen the front leg. The back leg is basically just a kickstand to your bike. Take a look in the video below:

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Exercise 3 – Dumbbell Squat to Shoulder Press

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

This combination exercise is a great exercise you can use as a main move or for conditioning. With this exercise you build muscle and burn calories. It will not challenge only your lower body, but your shoulders and triceps, as well. Take a look below:

Exercise 4 – Leg Press

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

You want to gain some mass for your legs? You want bigger legs than ever? Well, becides there are tons of leg press exercises, many of them are not on target, and some of them executed incorrectly. In the video below, we will see all the proper ways and variations of this particular exercise, and what NOT to do, so that you have the best results you want for your legs.

Exercise 5 – Goblet Squats

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

Firstly, before you actually execute this exercise, you want to open up your hip flexors, to prepare your hips and get warmed up for the movement. By this, you’re protecting your knees by being able to open up more when you go down in your Goblet Squats. You will learn how to do that and the actual exercise execution, by this beautiful lady, in the video down below:

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Exercise 6 – Glute Bridge

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

Glute bridge is also known as Hip Raise. Some people doing it wrong. Whenever you come down onto the mat, feet are either too far away or too close. That’s the wrong way. In the video below you’ll discover on how to do it the right way. Let’s have a look.

Exercise 7 – Leg Extensions

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

Leg Extensions. We’ll be looking on how to isolate the quads with perfect technique, but before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at some basic quad biomechanics first.

The quadriceps, as the name implies, is made up of four muscle heads going from medial to lateral or inside to outside. We have the vastus medialis or tear-drop muscle, intermedius and vastus lateralis. Lying on top of those is the more superficial rectus femoris muscle, which is the only head of the quads, that crosses both the hip joint and the knee joint. So the three vastus muscles have only one function to – extend the knee, while the rectus femoris head has two functions. Knee extension and hip flexion as it crosses both the knee joint and the hip joint and it’s this rectus femoris head of the quads that you probably feel getting a pump when you do hanging leg raises. Let’s now see how we can do leg extensions with perfect technique, in the video below:

Exercise 8 – Treadmill Sprints

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

With this exercise we’ll see how to do high-intensity interval training on the Treadmill.

It’s alternating between periods of all-out intensity and rest and it’s a great exercise to get down a really low levels of body fat. Ok, let’s go and see the exercise:

Exercise 9 – Hip Thrust Technique

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

In this exercise, we’ll be looking on how to perform the Hip Thrust with Perfect Technique.

With Hip Thrust we training almost pure hip extension, so when you take your hips from a flexed or bend position to a straight or extended position. We can also target the glutes through hip abduction by placing a hip circle or a loop around the knees. The hip thrust is a unique exercise, because it not only has a huge capacity for overload, but it can also be used to establish a strong mind muscle connection with the glutes. Let’s see the exercise below:

Exercise 10 – Good Mornings

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

Right now taking a gander at the correct strategy on the Good Mornings, how to amplify solid improvement of the glutes, hamstrings and back, while dodging future wounds. How about we go straight into the activity:

Exercise 11 – Glute Ham Raise

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

In this exercise we will see how to build strong hamstrings with the Glute Ham Raise Machine (you maybe know it as Glute Ham Developer).

This is literally the only exercise that takes the hamstring through its full range of motion. Let’s go to see it:

Exercise 12 – Lying Leg Curls

Lower Body Strength Workout for Women and Men

For this exercise you’ll need a Lying Leg Curls Machine.

A great exercise to work your hamstrings, but pay attention of the first few reps. Try not to detonate the weight up toward the start of the rep. Start the rep slowly and under full control, otherwise you’ll be leading in an unwanted injury.

Make sure you take 1-2 days off of your legs after training, to give them enough time to recover.

Choose your exercises above and repeat them for 1 or 2 times a week, and the only sure is that your legs will be stronger very soon! You can come back to this article frequently so that you can choose and combine different exercises each time.

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