7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises

7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises

The Deltoid is the muscle of the shoulder which is also known as the “common shoulder muscle”. Its name comes from the Greek letter “Delta” (Δ) and it’s made up of three sets of fibers and by training it you can gain well rounded and bigger shoulders. In this article we’ll see the 7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises you should have in your shoulders day for big results!

And here we start with the 7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises.

For this exercise you’ll need a bench which has to be set on 90 degrees.

It’s a nice exercise to warm up your shoulders for the following exercises.

Exercise 2 – Front Arm Raises with Dumbbells

7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises

A very good exercise for building your shoulders, even if you’re a beginner.

There are two ways people doing this exercise – one is wrong. Check the video below for the right way.

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Exercise 3 – W Raises

7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises

A perfect exercise in the 7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exericses, for hitting your rear deltoids, also your middle traps.

You execute this exercise on stand position. Keep your back straight, bend forward slowly and hips while holding dumbbells elbows bend on 90 degrees.

Then, you bring your arms up in horizontal plane position and rotate your shoulders to make a “W” shape with your body.

Exercise 4 – Side to Front Raise

7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises

With this exercise we target the side and front delts at the same time.

It’s like a combination exercise which will save you time and grow your shoulders as well.

While holding your dumbbells on standing position, you raise the one hand at the front and the other hand at the side, at the same time, and you rotate hands.

7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises 170

Exercise 5 – Smith Machine Shoulder Press

7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises

A perfect exercise in the 7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises for beginners and advanced athletes.

This exercise really focuses on your shoulders so that you cannot cheat.

With this exercise you will target the median deltoid, at the front and top part.

Take a nice and comfortable grip on the bar while sitting on the bench, with your shoulders parallel with your elbows. Not too close – not too wide.

You lift off, focus on the coming down of the bar, count up to 3 and then push up with your maximun strenght. On the way down you breathe in – on the way up you breathe out.

Exercise 6 – Overhead Press

7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises

Overhead Press for Bigger Shoulders! Maybe the most important exercise of the 7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises.

This exercise seems to be very similar with the above exercise of the Smith Machine Shoulder Press, but here now you’re in a stand position, without the machine’s support. You’re all alone!

Here, we will target the Anterior Deltoid as the primary muscle, and Triceps, Serratus Anterior, and Lateral Deltoid, as secondary muscles – all at the same time – in one exercise.

In the video below you’ll also see the 5 most common mistakes you probably making in this exercise, and how to fix them.

Exercise 7 – Rear Delt Fly

7 Best Lateral Deltoid Exercises

A nice and easy exercise for growing your rear delts of your shoulders, but so many people doing it the wrong way. Check out in the video below on how to do this exercise step-by-step the right way and how to avoid all the mistakes that could lead in an injury.

Remember: Always consult a doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program.

Make sure you take 1-2 days off of your shoulders after training, to give them enough time to recover and grow!

Choose your exercises above and repeat them for 1 or 2 times a week, and the only sure is that your shoulders will be bigger and stronger very soon! You can come back to this article frequently so that you can choose and combine different exercises each time.

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